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ClickView - As seen by WCS Staff

Thanks to Susan Carton for this very informative post.

Please don’t close this news down – this really could help!

Who else is drowning under the emails with all the tech whizz-bang new resources that we should all be using?

If you need some breathing space and need to focus on really important issues like marking, preparing classes, timetabling or interviewing – then this may give you the time you need to just take a breath,  think about your priorities and begin to relax into what you need to focus on.  I’ve been trying to audio record over my powerpoints and there have been a lot of ‘bad words’ as I struggle to sound engaging.

If you have no time to read this, then scroll to the end of the document for a ‘ClickView into Moodle’ baby step guide.

Really,  I am right beside you – homeworking could be really amazing and when we get into this, we will achieve so much.  However, we are drowning in the sharing of resources.  Thanks – but no thanks.

Maybe there should be a WCS rule …  ‘though shalt only share one useful pointer per week and give teaching staff a chance to apply that new knowledge’ or you will cause anxiety and stress among your teaching staff.   

That said (sheepishly…)   this really is useful.

ClickView video resources – free, easy to use and WOW, something that actually does save time!

I joined in with the ClickView webinar: remote working in FE.  It helped to reduce some of the anxieties that you get when you are looking into the massive depths of unknown tech/software.  Yes, it is like that for some of us!   Don’t be put off.  Give this one a try – really,  it is SO useful.

What is ClickView?  It is a library of video resources that you can add to moodle (or another platform) and share with your classes.  It has been designed to provide ‘compelling vocational content’ for our level of students and there are a lot of resources there. (Tertiary = FE and Universities).   ESOL, Accounts and Business, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Arts and so on are all there.  It will take 5 minutes to glance at it to see if it has content you can use.

Have fun!     This is something I hadn’t thought about.  We are working with students in vulnerable positions and who could become anxious about this form of learning.   It is recommended – during the Coronavirus restrictions – that we have fun with this and not just use it for teaching and learning. To reinstate the social interaction that comes with being in a college ClickView recommends that you choose a film – and instead of having a book club, have a film club. Your students will all watch a movie and can chat about this with each other – immediately having something in common other than learning stresses.  You can choose a movie that is relevant to some extent to your subject area if you like – but there is always Jurassic Park!!!

If you are requesting something from the TV from ClickView and you want the movie without the adverts, this can take 48 hours to do for you – but they will do it.  Then it will just ‘arrive’ in your personal workspace for you to use.

I have never used it before.  Now I have started using this video content in my Moodle page.  Let’s face it, anything that saves time, effort and reduces stress at this time has to be a good thing.   Also – this is really going to enhance the learning experience for some students who like the audio-visual resources.

You know what?   It is better than anything I could have made – so that is also a bonus!

We can use all content freely, we don’t have to prepare the content AND it is easy to upload to Moodle.

I have prepared a baby step guide to help you out on how to add these resources to moodle.

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