Recent FAQ's

Helpful Information - This section will be amended on a regular basis as necessary.


Im trying to upload videos on Moodle but they are too big.

To ensure we do not overload the Moodle servers we are advising that any videos are uploaded to YouTube as private or unlisted. A quick google search will show you how to do this if you are unsure. Then you can embed the YouTube video in your course - please see the guide showing you how to embed videos.

When are we returning to the college buildings/what about the finance side of things?

For information on the course and finance please send an email to our student advisory service and they should be able to provide you with the information you require.

How do I add a new course or unit onto Moodle?

The course request form found on the staff intranet in the Learning Technology request area.

I am a tutor and can't find my course?

As a tutor you may have been added to Moodle at category level so your course will not appear under 'My Courses'. Use the home page on Moodle to navigate to your section and course and click on the course title to access it. Remember this may be campus specific.

My Students cannot see their Moodle courses in MyDay

Students need to log into Moodle before their courses will appear on MyDay.

How do I use the BLC resources.

Please visit the BLC page on CoLT.

How do I add a forum on Moodle?

As a lecturer you can add forums into Moodle please use the guides for reference.

I know nothing about webinars - can you help?

Please read the article posted on CoLT called A guide to working and teaching online.

Help my students have ran out of quiz attempts and I want to give them more.

Please follow the Moodle guide - Quiz attempts - Individual students.

How do I add/amend/use Turnitin on Moodle?

Please follow the Turnitin guides in the assessment section of the moodle guides page.

I/my students need to finish off some work from last year but I cant find it on Moodle?

We have given access to Moodle 20/21 for staff and students that need to complete work from last year. This is a different URL (address) than the usuall, as this will be used for session 21/22. If you are a staff member you can find the link to Moodle 20/21 on the staff intranet, if you are a student please contact your tutor who will be able to give you the address.

Turnitin is showing a blank screen - Help?

​If you are still using Internet Explorer as your default browser, You may find that TurnitIn feedback studio is no longer working. The screen where you would have had the text of the assignment shows a blank page.
This is due to it no longer being compatable with this browser. You have two options to rectify this: Option 1 (Reccomended) Simply use a newer browser like Chrome Chrome Logo Option 2 Revert to Turnitin Classic by clicking on Turnitin Classic at the bottom of your screen.

My students are not showing in the participants list on Moodle.

Student Access To Moodle

Students should only be added manually to any course in Moodle as a last resort. We use cohort enrolments on Moodle which, when implemented correctly by all staff, ensures that all students enrolled on Unite have access to the correct course and units within Moodle.

If your students do not show in your class or unit participants list, please first work through the following steps:

Step 1:

Check that the correct class (named cohort on Moodle) is attached to the course/unit in Moodle. If you are unsure how to do this please refer to the Moodle video guide: How to check what classes are attached to your course or unit on WCS Moodle.

Step 2:

If your class code is not attached please contact (in the first instance) or with the full class code and the Moodle ID(s) required.

Step 3:

If your class is attached but the student still does not show:

  1. Please check that the student has logged directly into Moodle via (not MyDay). Students do not appear on Moodle until they have logged on directly.

  2. Check with the student that they are using the correct student number - you can find the student numbers on star portal.
  3. Check on star portal that the student is enrolled on the expected class code.
Please inform webmaster if you need an infill code to be attached if it was not used in the previous academic year – class codes must include the last 5 characters i.e. PHNCIT- I211C.
Similarly if your code has changed (apart from the year) this may also need updating on Moodle. If any changes are made on unite, it will update the student account on Moodle overnight.

  • We do appreciate that there are exceptions, and for a small number of students they may need manually attached on a unit. For example: 1 student from another class that needs access to a unit but is not necessarily on an infill class code. For this reason we have amended lecturer permissions on Moodle to allow you to enrol with the student role.
You may notice that we have added a warning message to the enrolment window highlighting the need to understand which role you enrol a user with. Please read and understand this warning before enrolling users onto courses. Note: the message will also show to users that are not enrolled if they try to access the course. Please note the enhancement procedure has not changed – please visit the enhancement area on the staff intranet for information.

If there is anything that you are unsure about or wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact the learning technology team by email

How do I upload pre-recorded lessons from Stream into Moodle?

Microsoft have recently changed where recorded Teams meetings are stored in Office 365. Due to this, the way you upload the video into Moodle has changed. Please use our step-by-step guide called: Using MS Teams Recordings for information on where your recordings are stored and how to upload them into Moodle. More instructional guides on all things Moodle are found under Moodle Guides.