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Online, Blended and Hybrid Delivery

CDN are adding a section on hybrid delivery, recognising that as students return to campus, there will still be those who are shielding and/or isolating because of symptoms. With the option to include those not able to attend physically, it gives more options to colleges in this and the next academic term.

Delivering Curriculum Online

CDN has launched a new Resource Bank of guides for Online/Blended Delivery.


Working closely with the sector CDN have created a core set of useful guides in the following 6 key areas to help prepare for online, blended and hybrid delivery. For each area, 2 primary resources have been chosen that covers relevant and practical information in a very concise format (10-15 minutes). If you want to dive deeper, there are two longer reads (around 1 hour). Finally, there is a single longer resource – either an online course or significant read to explore an area in more detail. The 6 areas are:


  • Designing for Online/Blended Delivery

  • Preparing Materials

  • Education for All

  • Managing the Online Space

  • Formative Assessment and Feedback

  • Hybrid Delivery (coming soon)


Note: this content is not intended to replace the support or

training that’s available within your institution.

Take a moment and listen to Kenji Lamb, Digital and Innovation Lead, provide a two-minute introduction to the online/blended delivery section of the resource bank:

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