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Moodle and Microsoft Teams: The Perfect Fit for Your Educational Journey!

Education in the digital age has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with virtual learning environments becoming increasingly prevalent. Moodle and Microsoft Teams are two widely used platforms that have revolutionised online education by providing educators and learners with powerful tools to facilitate remote teaching and learning experiences. At West College Scotland we have chosen to use both platforms, with Moodle being our primary Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 


To further enhance the educations process, it is essential to explore the diverse range of educational tools available within these platforms. To assist with this, we have created a comprehensive overview of educational tools that can be utilised in Moodle and Microsoft Teams, in the form of a wheel diagram. 


The wheel is categorised into Laurillard's six learning types: Acquisition, Collaboration, Discussion, Investigation, Practice, and Production.  It details which tools or activities facilitate each of the learning types and which are best suited to either Moodle or Teams.  This also helps to ensure consistency and equity for all our students.

By visualising the capabilities of each platform across these categories, educators and learners gain a holistic understanding of the tools at their disposal, enabling them to make informed decisions on how to best utilise them to enhance their educational journey.

For each category, the inner wheel below highlights a range of Moodle tools, activities, and resources, while the outer wheel specifically outlines the tools and activities best suited for use within Microsoft Teams.


Click on the image to open in popup and magnify.

Moodle, our primary VLE, offers a robust set of features and plugins designed to support various educational activities. From content creation and organisation to assessments and collaborative learning, Moodle provides a flexible and customisable environment for educators to engage students in a virtual setting. 


Microsoft Teams, a collaborative communication platform, empowers educators and learners with a rich array of tools to foster seamless interaction and engagement. With its focus on real-time collaboration, Microsoft Teams provides features such as chat, virtual meetings, file sharing, and integration with other Microsoft applications. 


By visually comparing the tools available in Moodle and Microsoft Teams across the six categories, this wheel diagram aims to assist educators in making informed decisions about which platform to use based on their specific educational goals. Whether it's creating and sharing content, facilitating group projects, encouraging active discussions, conducting research, practicing skills, or showcasing student work, this diagram provides educators with a valuable resource to explore and select the most suitable tools for their teaching objectives.


As the digital landscape continues to shape the future of education, understanding and utilising the educational tools within platforms like Moodle and Microsoft Teams becomes crucial for effective virtual teaching and learning. This wheel diagram serves as a comprehensive guide for educators, highlighting the diverse range of tools available in Moodle and Microsoft Teams. It empowers educators to create engaging and interactive educational experiences in an online environment that encompass the entire educational process, from content creation to student participation and assessment.

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