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Moodle Assessment

Curriculum staff are responsible for setting up, grading and giving feedback on assignments and quizzes on Moodle.

On each course, you need to have a course contact, lecturer or group-lecturer role to do this.  The course contact should enrol you as lecturer or group-lecturer. 

To find the name of the course contact simply navigate to the course in Moodle.  The name of the course contact is detailed under the title of the course and on the enrolment options page. 

Marking of assignments can be carried out by non-editing lecturer but for the most part you will need to have Teacher (Editor) access

Handy Hints

If you are new to Moodle our PDF guides use screen shots of our WCS Moodle. They are very clear and step-by-step.  Our guides have logical titles like Adding a Quiz and Questions and Create Assignment. There is a link to all our Moodle guides at the bottom of this page.  The video guides below have been created using a generic Moodle course but the tools and functionality is the same as our WCS Moodle.


Formative and summative assessment should be in alignment with learning outcomes.

Formative and summative assessment should be in alignment with learning outcomes. Feedback is key to student development.

Assessment should be part of curriculum design and directly relate to the learning outcomes

Curriculum teams should look at assessment at course level, where task workload, assessment diversity and equality along with course learning outcomes can be managed holistically.


Assessment should be valid

Ensure that assessment tasks align with the assessment criteria and measure student attainment of the intended learning objectives.


Assessment should be inclusive and equitable

Assessment tasks and processes should not disadvantage any group or individual students, while academic standards are maintained.


A quiz can be used to assess learners formatively or summatively if you have specific answers to your questions.

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