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UCL Moodle Baseline

Moodle Essentials - Student Guide
Upload a TurnItIn Assignment
Change my Default Browser
Connecting Moodle to Badgr Backpack
Enabling Pop-Ups
This Course

Assessment Tools (Staff)

Administration (Staff)

Moodle Essentials - Staff
Roles on Moodle - Definition
Adding Staff to Courses
Student Access to Moodle
Basic Grade Report
Remove me from Courses
Add Moodle to MS Teams Channel

Adding Resources (Staff)

Add H5P Interactive Content
Adding a Label
Adding a Page
Adding a URL
Adding Files
Create and use Files and Folders
Embeding a YouTube video
Getting an embed code for videos
Inserting an Image
Using Forums
Upload Videos to MS Stream
Using MS Teams Recordings
Using Video
Adding a Quiz and Questions
Create Assignments
Managing TurnItIn Assignments
Extra Quiz Attempts for Students
Sharing QuickMark sets in TurnItIn
Create TurnItIn assignments