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Socrative: Interactive Quizzes and Surveys

The 2023 College CPD Day was held at the Clydebank campus and breakout sessions used interactive quiz tools where input from participants about a variety of questions was captured from their own mobile digital devices. One of tools used successfully was Socrative. In this blog post, we will explore how the free version of Socrative can be used in college education to enhance student learning and improve lecturer effectiveness.

As education continues to adapt to the modern digital landscape, many lecturers are seeking new ways to engage their students in the learning process. One such tool that has emerged in recent years is Socrative, an online platform that allows educators to create interactive quizzes and surveys.

Mobile digital device view of quiz for a student.

Getting Started with Socrative

To get started with Socrative, lecturers first need to sign up for a free account. Once they have created their account, they can begin creating quizzes and surveys. Socrative offers several different question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions. Lecturers can also add images and videos to their quizzes to make them more engaging.

Using Socrative in the Classroom

There are many different ways that lecturers can use Socrative in the classroom. One popular approach is to use Socrative quizzes as a way to assess student understanding of the subject materials being taught. Lecturers can use these quizzes to identify areas where students may be struggling, and then adjust their teaching approach accordingly. Socrative quizzes can also be used as a way to review learning before exams or as a fun and interactive way to end a class session.

Activity and question types for Socrative.

Another way that lecturers can use Socrative is to encourage active learning in the classroom. By using the "Space Race" feature, lecturers can divide their class into teams and have them compete against each other in a quiz. This can be a fun and engaging way to motivate students to participate in class and to learn the material.

For both the quiz and “Space Race” activities, students engage with the questions using their own digital device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop/personal computer. Students access an activity by entering the unique “room name” for the activity. The quiz activity can either be launched by the lecturer so that it is either “teacher paced” while also displaying question on a screen or where students complete questions at their own pace.

Socrative Space Race, where student teams compete again each other.

Benefits of Socrative for College Education

There are several benefits to using Socrative in college education:

  1. Socrative allows lecturers to quickly and easily assess student understanding of the learning materials. This can save time and allow lecturers to adjust their teaching approach as needed.

  2. Quizzes can be a fun and engaging way to review material and keep students motivated.

  3. Socrative allows lecturers to easily track student progress and identify areas where additional support may be needed.


In conclusion, the free version of Socrative is a powerful tool for college educators who are looking to engage their students and enhance the learning experience. By using Socrative quizzes and surveys, lecturers can quickly and easily assess student understanding of the material, encourage active learning in the classroom, and track student progress over time. Whether you are teaching in-person or online, Socrative is a valuable resource that can help you improve student outcomes and increase student engagement in the learning process.

You can start using resource with your students from the Socrative website (


At the time of writing:

  • The free version of Socrative allowed up to 50 learners to engage with one activity and only one activity can be launched at a time.

  • Socrative only requires a teacher to sign-up to create quizzes and learners do not need to register using an email address and can therefore access an activity anonymously.

  • Socrative does not display any adverts or promotions.

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