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Cheer Your Peer 2021 - Recap

Now that everyone has got over the shock of returning to work after the festive break, I thought it would be a good time to give you a quick recap of the “Cheer your Peer” week-long event, that we held last year (13th to 17th December), before we start promoting the next round of WITs webinars.

We had 6 live sessions delivered by our colleagues, covering a wide range of topics including Richard Tullett sharing his experience on making his teaching Hybrid and Amanda Ford showing us how to use Microsoft Sway for learning, teaching and assessment. We even had Kenji Lamb from the College Development Network (CDN) warning us about his lack of filter (which is always amusing), sharing his school experiences, and why you should keep things simple during his session: Education for all, breaking down and giving tips on accessibility using the SCULPT Method.

All the sessions have been recorded and are now available via Stream on the Cheer Your Peer Website which is available to all staff. You may need to log into Microsoft Stream using your college Office 365 account to watch the sessions.

Not only that, but we also included the recordings of all the WITs Webinars that we delivered last year for anyone that missed them. Plus, information on the Moodle Academy, Virtual Bridge Sessions and some posters and pdf’s that you may find useful, as we begin to be a bit more confident at using online resources and teaching online.

Keep an eye out for the next programme of WITs webinars which we will be promoting in the next few weeks. Until then please take a few minutes (to watch) a video that, you never know, might blow your mind!

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