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Designing appropriate assessments - Future Teacher free webinar - Thurs 28th Sept (13:00 - 14:00)

If you teach for long enough (or test for long enough) you will have had the experience of accidentally designing inappropriate assessments.

These are easier to see in hindsight - those where half the students misunderstood the question or where disabled students worked twice as hard due to inaccessible platforms or resources. Or those where poor task design invited easy cheats from essay mills or ChatGPT.

So this month's Future Teacher session is early enough in the academic year to help you think ahead and consider appropriate assessment that is inclusive, manageable and robust. Our speakers include:

  • University College Cork - Catherine O'Mahoney on the work she and her colleague Laura Lee have done on creating a badged course on Inclusive Assessment and helping staff navigate issues of academic integrity, course revalidation etc.

  • University of York - Eddie Cowling, assessment lead at the International Pathway College, on the principles of good assessment.

  • Speakers from the Universities of Manchester (Miriam Firth) and York (Jan Ball-Smith) on research into assessment optionality (along with UCL and Imperial College).

As always there's plenty of scope for interacting with speakers via text chat or in live discussion towards the end. Come and share your own experiences and learn from others.

Register for the session (Thurs 28th Sept 13:00 - 14:00 UK time) or pass on to a colleague who might be interested.

Alistair McNaught, Lilian, Ron, Rosemarie, Teresa (Future Teacher volunteers)

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