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From the experts - From Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett a subject specialist in Digital Practice Jisc recently hosted a Virtual Bridge Session talking about how you make your online sessions interactive and engaging.

This session gives some quick tips and timely reminders to make sure the audience not only stays awake, but feels positively enthused by your online sessions. With the massive increase in remote teaching, and pressure of time in preparation, this session will help you deliver in a way which leaves everyone feeling good!

Here are links to some of her blog posts that I thought would be very useful in helping to move your sessions online effectively.

The video below is a short introduction to give you some simple ideas that you can introduce to your own sessions. From changing the font you use on your slides, to using annotation tools in teams. Have a watch, then maybe have a play with your colleagues - it might just alleviate any anxieties you may have doing it 'live' with your students.


The Virtual Bridge Sessions have been recorded and are on the College development Networks YouTube channel.

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