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Virtual Bridge Webinars from CDN & Jisc - How Technology can Enhance Teaching & Learning

Join Kenji, CDN's Digital and Innovation Lead and Jason from Jisc (Head of Scotland and Northern Ireland) at 11.00 am for their first Virtual Bridge webinar.

Every Tuesday - Friday, Kenji & Jason will be sharing tips, experiences and advice for the #EdTech community!

Why To learn how technology can enhance teaching and learning!

Every session will be recorded and you can watch it back via CDN's YouTube channel

Find out more in this short intro video

Update 06/04/20

Bringing you expert advice on how to deliver Learning and Teaching Online

CDN has partnered with Jisc to bring you Virtual Bridge. A direct response to the current crisis, these sessions have been designed to support college staff in delivering remote learning and teaching. Find out more in our blog. As the Easter weekend is approaching, this week's webinars will take place on Tuesday - Thursday. Join us, for free, on Zoom at 11am. You can watch all Virtual Bridge webinars on CDN’s YouTube Channel.

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