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New features in Moodle assignments!

We hope you have been enjoying our weekly Moodle 4.0 Blogs, This week we look at some new features added to Moodle assignments.

  • Assignments in Moodle can now include activity instructions when students begin an assignment, and an assignment timer.

  • Along with other graded activities, assignments can now be marked complete, based on a passing grade.

  • Another great feature included within Moodle 4.0 is that teachers can now notify students of any updated content for all activities and resources.

When creating a assignment in Moodle you still have the ability to leave a description, however we now also have a new section called activity instructions - to clearly represent an area to help you guide your students on what they need to do . Students will see these instructions once they've started work on their assignment and not before.

There are more new settings when creating an assignment. You now are able to set a time limit on the assignment. You can also now set a pass grade, allowing you to set completion conditions for your students. Lastly this new version of Moodle has a great new feature, which can be used not just on assignments but on any content you add to Moodle. Just select the competences section when adding a resource or in the edit settings for that resource/assignment, select the tick box to send content change notification. Now when you update your assignment or resources the student will be automatically notified that new information is available.

Watch this video for a guided tour of these new features.

Don't forget you can sign up the Moodle 4.0 webinars on the Digital First page!

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