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New features and improvements to question banks in Moodle

When you now access Moodle you will find lots of new features and improvements to the Question bank. These new features should facilitate you and your team to create and review questions for your Moodle courses.

These new features include:

  • Question status and versioning comments in questions,

  • Question usage and more visible statistics.

  • Question custom fields.

  • Question Bank column sort order.

  • Question Bank bulk actions and more.

You can now access the improved question bank from the more link on your course.

Moodle course with more link selected

As you create questions, you can now decide whether to keep them as draft for more discussion, or to make them ready for use.

list of question in moodle showing columns with status selected

You can also view the history of questions, previewing each version and you and your colleagues can add and view comments. Comments are displayed in the question preview and users can see if, and if how many, comments have been made on a specific question directly in the question bank. This feature facilitates reviewing and refining questions.

Question statistics are now easier to find and benefit from, the usage column shows which quizzes the questions are used, and how many attempts have been made. Using these statistics you can easily see what questions are working well and which might need amended. You can also see how many times a question (or a specific version) was used in a quiz, in which quizzes and which courses it was used. It is possible to change directly from the usage window to a specific quiz or course. This makes cleaning up old versions and quizzes much easier.

Watch this Video for a guided view of these new features

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