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Microsoft Teams - Video Training

As per recent Staff Intranet post - the College is moving towards greater use of Microsoft Teams.

As well as using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with members of your Staff Team Group - it can be used for collaboration with anyone in the college (staff or students) or external Microsoft Teams users for, meetings, audio calls, video calls, text ‘chats’, sharing files, sharing desktops / windows, whiteboards, and more, without the need to have a Teams Group created.

Please click on the image below to access a range of Training Videos created by Microsoft:

Image showing video training links from Microsoft: Quick start,  Intro to Microsoft Teams,  Set up and customize your team,  Collaborate in teams and channels,  Work with posts and messages,  Upload and find files,  Start chats and calls,  Manage meetings,  Set up and attend live events,  Explore apps and tools,  Manage team schedules with Shifts,  Manage your activity feed,  Teams on the go,  Get started with Teams (free).

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