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Grow your eLearning skills this summer with an eThink Academy course!

Moodle Educator Certification - begins on June 1st!

The eThink team is excited to offer the Moodle Educator Certification Program developed by Moodle HQ's Education Team. In the first "Foundation" course, participants will work through six different modules in order to demonstrate effectiveness with digital competencies using Moodle tools that go beyond your average "how to" training. This course is geared towards experienced Moodlers who are comfortable with key elements of Moodle.


Build a Better Moodle Course - begins on June 17th!

This course proposes that building a Moodle course is like building a house. You want a strong foundation, sturdy walls, electric and plumbing that adheres to code, and a stylish interior design. At the end of this seven module course, participants will learn how to craft sturdy, functional, and attractive Moodle courses.

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