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Earn a digital badge with getting started with online teaching.

Course Description

This badge is for anyone supporting teaching or other support staff to take the first steps into online teaching.

Online course development is very much an iterative process so getting started will allow lecturers to build their confidence and experience, try out a few approaches and focus on improvements. Online course design is best approached as a collaborative process with lecturers working with their peers to plan and develop their modules. Similarly, these professional development workshops are designed to be as collaborative as possible.


The learner should be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the student perspective of what it is like to study online

  • Apply principles of online module design including a range of assessment options

  • Develop online activities and open education resources and approaches to media creation

  • Experience online facilitation and interaction including some strategies for engaging students in the online space (towards building a learning community)

Watch the video below for more information then visit the website to sign up.

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