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Clearer Activity Completions in Moodle

two students using laptops helping each other

Activity completion has been enhanced in Moodle 4.0 with completion requirements now showing on the right of the activity and completion indicators in the course index on the left.

Now when a student accesses a course on Moodle, they will see the activities and resources neatly displayed in the central area. It also describes to the student what they need to do to complete the activity. When an item has a completion requirement, this is now shown on the right hand side with a corresponding completion indicator in the course index.

Once they have completed an activity it is displayed as 'Done' in the course central area. It also changes colour, to green, on the completion indicator in the course index on the left hand side. This gives students a quick display of their progress in the course.

moodle course showing activities completed

Using activity completions are a great way to guide your students through a course, and they visually remind them of their progress. These new tools allow for a clearer display of completion requirements which help students manage their learning more effectively.

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