A guide to working and teaching online

A quick guide to future proofing your delivery for teaching staff

In the coming weeks we may be asked to work remotely either as individuals or as a team. The College will communicate with us by email, social media and through the College website.

This guide provides

  1. A guide for preparing you and your students for working remotely

  2. Instructions for accessing Moodle and The staff Intranet (SharePoint).

  3. Instructions should you need them around: adding a forum into your Moodle, using ZOOM for web conferencing with your students and participating in a meeting through Microsoft Teams.

  4. Your line manager will make arrangements with you around how to stay in touch with your curriculum team.

Here is a guide that will help you plan for remote working

The guide above reminds you what you need to put in place before you leave the building to stay in touch with your students and your colleagues.

Before you leave the building have you

  • Remembered, if you have one to take, your laptop, charger and any other devices you will need home.

  • Have you spent some time at home checking you can access, Moodle, The Staff Intranet, Office 365 and relevant systems.

Remember you can access