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Get Interactive: Practical Teaching with Technology

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The BLE's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Get Interactive: Practice Teaching with Technology is a 3-week romp through some of the popular technologies that educators use to make their learning engaging, interactive and dynamic. It's free to take this MOOC but if you want a course completion certificate, there is a charge of £39, payable on the course site.​

Each week focuses on a particular topic:

  1. Using multimedia for teaching and learning

  2. Encouraging student collaboration

  3. Formative assessment and feedback

Participants read, watch videos, research, do activities, discuss and complete a practical, peer reviewed assessment each week. The emphasis is on gaining a wide range of experience. Although a few concepts are introduced along the way, this is a hands-on course, and participants should find many ideas to incorporate into their teaching.

This course is aimed at educators who have little experience using online tools and technology for teaching purposes but who have basic familiarity with the Internet, online learning environments and computers in general. The course is most relevant for teachers, lecturers and instructors of adults and older children (i.e., secondary school, college, further education, higher education, continuing education).

Taught by

Dr Eileen Kennedy Researcher in online learning, UCL Institute of Education

Dr Nancy Weitz Digital learning specialist, Architela

Sarah Sherman Manager, Bloomsbury Learning Exchange (BLE)Get Interactive runs every four weeks. You can enrol at any time and access the content but to benefit from the peer activities, it's worth joining with a cohort.

Get In MOOC was presented with an award for innovation in learning and teaching. The Get In MOOC team was also shortlisted for the Association for Learning Technology's Team of the Year (2017) award.

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