Course Access

Question: How can I access a course that does not show under My Courses?

Your course contact will be able to add you.  The course contact is listed under the title of the course in Moodle.  Once the title is clicked you will see:


Question : How do I find my Course? 

All the courses you are attached to should be shown under My Courses on the top navigation bar once logged in.

You can also navigate to courses using the navigation in the centre of the Moodle screen e.g. the Clydebank HNC Business course will be under the Business and Technologies section.  Then follow the path - Business and Computing ► Business ► Business ► Business Clydebank to find the course HNC Business Clydebank.

Question : How do I unenrol from a course I no longer need access to?

There is a document in the Moodle Guides section called Remove me from Courses which will direct you through this process.

Question : How do my students get access to my course?

Students are automatically attached to courses when they are enrolled on Unite, if the Unite course and class code was not given when the course was setup please contact and we will add the class to the course.

Question : I am the Course Contact - How do I enrol a lecturer?

There is a document in the Moodle Guides section called Adding and Removing Users which will direct you through this process.

Question : My students do not appear in my Moodle course

​Students do not appear in any course until they first log on to Moodle when they are automatically attached to any courses they have been enrolled in.  If you have a new class that is not attached, contact to get the class added to the course/subject.

Question : One of my students cannot access the course but the rest of the class can.

Please check with your QIA that the student is enrolled on the correct course and class in Unite.

Question: What is the Moodle ID?

The Moodle ID is the number at the end of the URL in the address bar at the top of the page.  It is also detailed in the Course Information block at the top right hand side of your screen:

info block.png